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On this website we gather and use information according to the indications given in our privacy policy. One of the ways in which we gather information is via the use of a technology called cookies. At MY WAY RESORTS we use cookies for several reasons.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file stored on your browser (such as Google Chrome, or Apple Safari) when you browse on the majority of websites.

What a cookie is NOT

A cookie is not a virus, Trojan, worm, spam, spyware or pop-up window.

What information does a cookie store?

Cookies do not usually store sensitive information about you, such as credit card or bank details, photographs or personal information, etc. The data that they store are technical, statistical, related to personal preferences, content personalisation, etc.

The web server does not associate the information with you as a person but rather as a web browser. In fact, if you usually browse using Chrome and you try to browse on the same website with Firefox, you will see that the website does not realise you are the same person as, in reality, it is associating the information with the browser, not the person.

What type of cookies exist?

Technical cookies: These are the most basic elements and they allow us, among other things, to know when a human or an automated application is browsing, and when an anonymous user and a registered user are browsing. These are basic tasks for the functioning of any dynamic website.

Analysis cookies: These gather information about the type of browsing you are developing, the most-used sections, products consulted, usage time slot, language, etc.

Advertising cookies: These show advertising based on your browsing habits, country of origin, language, etc.

What are own cookies and third-party cookies?

Own cookies are those generated by the website you are visiting while third-party cookies are generated by external services or providers such as Mailchimp, Mailrelay, Facebook, Twitter, Google AdSense, etc.

What cookies does this website use?

This website uses its own cookies and third-party cookies. This website uses the cookies detailed as follows (details of other cookies):

Google Analytics cookies: Third-party cookies managed by Google. You can find more information about these cookies by visiting the following link:

Social network cookies: If the user links with the social networks that we share on our portals, persistent cookies will be installed, along with third-party cookies not by MY WAY RESORTS, which invites them to visit certain websites to read their privacy policy, general terms and conditions of use and the use made of cookies (you can access these by clicking on the links: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.

If you have any questions, send us an email: We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Can cookies be deleted?

Yes, and not just deleted, but also disabled in general or specifically for a certain domain.

To delete a website’s cookies, enter your browser’s settings and look for those associated with the domain in question and proceed to delete them by clicking on the links:

  • Cookie settings for Google Chrome
  • Cookie settings for Apple Safari
  • Cookie settings for Internet Explorer
  • Cookie settings for Mozilla Firefox

Further information about cookies

You can consult cookies regulations published by the Spanish Data Protection Agency in its “Use of cookies guide” and obtain further information about cookies on the Internet:

If you wish to have greater control over cookie installation, you can install programmes or browser plugins, known as Do Not Track tools, which will allow you to choose which cookies are permitted.

This cookies policy was last updated on 08/05/2018.


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